Benefits of Drink Free days

Taking days off helps keep you healthy

Planning which days of the week are your 'drinking days' and which are your 'non-drinking days' can really help you stick to an overall plan to have no more than 14 units in the week. It's a lot easier to plan ahead if you have a regular set of days that you do and don't drink.

Some people just drink during the weekend, others have days they see friends during the week. Of course on the days you do drink, you want to stick to around 2-3 drinks, so that you don't go over the 14 day guidelines per week.  

The main benefit of having days off are to give your body a break from alcohol and let it recover. It also stops you from ending up drinking every day, which can be a slippery slope to drinking too much. Having 3-4 days off alcohol during the week allows you to create a balance with alcohol where your body and mind can function and be creative and healthy without alcohol.

What if I overdo it?

There's no shame in planning to drink in moderation and then ending up drinking more than you planned. That's normal. The trick here is to learn from the experience - try and work out what led you to have that extra one, two or more drinks than you planned. What could you do differently next time to stick to your plan? 

If you do overdo it, have a break for three to four days and just give your body time to recover. 

Ahn illustration alternative  to alcohol

Alcohol Free Drinks 

There is now a huge rsnge of alcohol-free drinks, with beers, ciders, spirits and sparkling wine all 0% abv. When served cold, many taste very similar. 

Experiment with which brand you like the most and you can simply switch your usual alcoholic drink for a non-alcoholic one on your drink free days.  

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