Instructions for Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice professionals

Who is the E-Drink-Check for?

The E-Drink-Check is for anyone that you feel would benefit from knowing more about their drinking. They may be already experiencing problems with alcohol or at risk of doing so if they continue to drink at the same level.

How does it work?

Users can assess their drinking anonymously – as well as their general health - and receive instant online feedback. They can register to keep track of their drinking and to use the self-help ‘Down Your Drink’ programme.

Promoting the E-Drink-Check in your surgery or service

RBK’s Public Health Team have a number of scratch cards that can be made available to GP patients and pharmacy customers with details of the E-Drink-Check web address. Please contact us for details.

Customers may wish to speak to the Pharmacist about their drinking. Pharmacists can complete the E-Drink-Check with customers online in their consulting room with a PC, laptop or iPad.

In order to allow the customer to see their results at home Pharmacists can generate a ‘Save my Results’ code for the customer to take home with them. This allows customers to log back in and see their results without having to complete the E-Drink-Check again.