Royal Borough of Kingston’s Public Health Team have teamed up with Alcohol Health Network to develop a new alcohol awareness website for Kingston residents, workers and students. The new website – – allows people to check their drinking levels, see if this poses a risk to their health and find out where to go for more support.

The site will be particularly helpful to Increasing and High Risk (hazardous and harmful) drinkers who may not be aware of the risks to their health. It uses an anonymous alcohol screen for drinkers (using the AUDIT tool) and provides instant personalised feedback based on risk scores.

Users who wish to cut down can create a log-in account to use a drink diary, drinks calculator and CBT-based self-help exercises designed by University College London.

E-Drink-Check is available for anyone living or working in Kingston, it provides users with:

  • Detailed advice about drinking, advice about drinking guidelines and links to further online resources
  • An overall health assessment, including smoking, diet, exercise and BMI.
  • A demographic profile page - to help RBK understand population-level health and to customize risk-based responses
  • An online self-help manual to support drinkers to reduce to low-risk levels or stop drinking altogether. This can be used alongside face-to-face treatment
  • Signposting to local services and call back / contact option, for selected services to get in touch

There is a customized dedicated version of E-Drink-Check for Kingston Students.