Frequently Asked Questions

Who is providing the E-Drink-Check?

The E-Drink-Check is provided by Alcohol Health Network (AHN), a new social enterprise that aims to improve alcohol-related health in local areas and workplaces. AHN works in collaboration with University College London’s E-Health Unit to promote safer drinking via online tools.

What is the E-Drink-Check based on?

The E-Drink-Check is based on the NICE recommended AUDIT tool for identifying problem drinkers and the NHS ‘Your Drinking and You’ pamphlet. The E-Drink-Check also contains a self-help tool devised by University College London.

Is the E-Drink-Check anonymous and confidential?

Yes. Use of the E-Drink-Check is anonymous up until the point users wish to keep track of their drinking. At this point E-Drink-Check requires an email address to link the user with their records. An email address is also required for Self-Help programme. Email addresses and any personal data linked to them are kept separated and are strictly confidential to Alcohol Health Network. Non-personal data is aggregated and used for analysis purposes only. See more about Privacy here.

What will RBK Public Health Team do with the data?

RBK’s Public Health Team will look at the demographics of who uses E-Drink-Check and use this to plan health services in the future. We will also use the data to understand more about drinking levels in the borough.